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Juergen Voegele

Director, Servicios de Agricultura y Medio Ambiente, Banco Mundial

Juergen Voegele is the Director of the Agriculture and Environmental Services Unit at the World Bank. Mr. Voegele joined the World Bank in 1991 after working with the University of Hohenheim, the GTZ, and the BMZ Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation in Germany, including a three-year field assignment in Western Samoa. His initial assignments in the World Bank’s Washington headquarters included working in agriculture and natural resources divisions in the Europe and Central Asia Region and in the East Asia and Pacific Region. He held various assignments for the East Asia and Pacific Region and in 1998, he transferred to the World Bank's Beijing, China Office to lead the Agriculture Unit. Following his return to headquarters from China in 2004, Mr. Voegele joined the Europe and Central Asia Region and was appointed as Manager, Agriculture and Rural Development for the Environment and Sustainable Development Unit.

In February 2008, Mr. Voegele was appointed Director of the Agriculture and Rural Development Department (now Agriculture and Environmental Services) of the World Bank, where he chairs the Agriculture and Rural Sector Board, and oversees World Bank global programs for rural poverty alleviation, agriculture and natural resources management.