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Making Extractive Industries’ Wealth Work for the Poor

08 de octubre de 2014

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Join a discussion on channeling revenues from extractive industries—oil, gas and mining—to end poverty through diversified growth and development.

If managed well, revenue from resources such as oil and gas in Tanzania and Mozambique, iron ore in Guinea, copper in Mongolia, gas and gold in Latin America, oil, gas, bauxite and gold in Central Asia, can contribute to sustainable development. When poorly handled they can present long-term challenges for governments, communities and the environment.

How can governments capture and channel natural resource revenues into smart investments? How can they unlock this wealth to make it work for the poor? What can we learn from past experience?


Minister of Finance, Indonesia

IHS Vice-Chairman, Author & Energy Expert

Chief Secretary of Government, Tanzania

Deputy Chairman, Khazanah

International Director, Publish What You Pay

Chief Executive Officer, Rio Tinto Group