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Saleh Abdullah Al Abdooli

Chief Executive Officer, Etisalat

Eng. Saleh Abdullah Al Abdooli was appointed CEO of Etisalat Misr in July 2006 after more than 14 years of service to the company. Eng. Abdooli joined Etisalat in 1992 after completing a Master's degree in Telecommunications from the University of Colorado at Bolder (USA), the same university he had graduated from with a bachelor's degree a number of years earlier. He has been intimately involved in many of Etisalat's numerous international expansion and investment projects. As the chairman of the company's technical committees overseeing its international expansion, Eng. Abdooli has been one of the primary architects of the company's regional and international success. He led the technical committee that prepared and designed the Etisalat GSM Network in Zanzibar, the company's first network outside the UAE as well as Sudan and Afghanistan, he also served as chairman of the committee responsible for preparing Etisalat's proposal to establish the second GSM network in Saudi Arabia, a contract won over the bids of Vodafone, Telephonica, TIM & MTC and other major players in the industry.

Eng. Abdooli chaired the committee that developed the third GSM and first 3G license in Egypt. Since then, he has played an active role in the development of Etisalat's operation in Egypt, he has overseen the renowned successes of Etisalat Misr in the Egyptian market and has lead the company to the several record breaking achievements in subscriber numbers, network rollout and growth rates. Eng. Abdooli has also been chosen as a member of the board for Etisalat Nigeria where his experience is of great benefit to the growing operation. Eng. Abdooli started his career with Etisalat as an engineer for mobile systems planning. During the next eight years, he was rapidly promoted up the ranks to become Chief Engineer for Mobile Systems Planning, supervising many aspects of the expansion of Etisalat's telecommunications network. In 2001 he became the Managing Engineer for Mobile systems, responsible for all activities related to planning, design, optimization, operation, maintenance, installation, and quality assurance across the network. In such capacity, Eng. Abdooli was a pioneer deeply involved in the growth of the company's networks and corporate expansions.