question-Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude-07/16/2014 - 10:19 | El Banco Mundial en vivo

question-Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude-07/16/2014 - 10:19

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If it's called inclusive growth/ economy in case of USA, then, why it fails every now and then, was the obvious question I faced in the classes of international marketing I took. Once, I got tired of answering all the questions with all relevant economics and commerce and management answers. The class lasted for more than 5 hours. Students point was, "If the economy is inclusive and good and favorable to all, then it must be sustained by the people, and for the people". Thus, also, students felt that, only those economies go down, which are anti-masses and favorable to classes, and one of them was USA economy..... Your expert comment/s on these questions will be really welcome by the new generation students and citizens around the world.