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Human Capital and Social Accountability

Investing in people’s nutrition, health care, quality education, and skills is crucial to developing a productive society. Join us for a discussion on the urgency of addressing the human capital gap and how collaborative social accountability can help governments and civil society implement innovative and effective solutions to promote investments in human capital.

This session is part of the Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA) Global Partners Forum, which brings together more than 300 practitioners and thought-leaders from civil society organizations, governments, academia, foundations and businesses, to provide a unique space to reflect on social accountability. The 2018 Forum, titled “Money Matters: Public Finance and Social Accountability for Human Capital”, seeks to specifically build awareness of the Human Capital Project and explore the potential contributions of social accountability towards the project’s success. To learn more and view the agenda, visit:


Vice President, Human Development, The World Bank

Network Director, Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency

Country Director, SEND-GHANA

Alternate Executive Director for Africa Group 1, World Bank Group

Senior Director, Governance Global Practice, The World Bank Group

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