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Hans Timmer

Hans Timmer became the Chief Economist for the Europe and Central Asia (ECA) region of the World Bank on September 1, 2013.

Prior to this, Mr. Timmer was the Director of the World Bank's Development Prospects Group. Under his management, the Group produced the World Bank’s annual flagship reports, Global Economic Prospects and Global Monitoring Report, in addition to a wide range of monitoring and forecasting publications, including Global Development Finance.

Mr. Timmer is a quantitative international macroeconomist and econometrician with 25 years of management experience leading teams of modelers, forecasters, and policy analysts. His experience ranges from long-term structural analyses of the economic impact of environmental policies, trade policies and tax reforms, to short-term monitoring of the business cycle and analysis of monetary and fiscal policies.

Before joining the World Bank, Mr. Timmer was head of international economic analysis at the Central Planning Bureau in the Netherlands. In this role, he supervised the development of two world models: a long-term model of the world economy, and an econometric medium-term model of OECD economies.

Mr. Timmer has vast experience working with the European Commission, IPCC and the OECD, as well as with the Indian Planning Commission and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He holds a Master’s degree in econometrics from Erasmus University in Rotterdam, and was a researcher at the University of Lodz in Poland and at the Netherlands Economic Institute.