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World Refugee Day 2019

junio 20, 2019 | 10:00am

Sub-Saharan African countries host the second largest number of refugees in the world, with nearly 6.6 million displaced people as of 2018. Despite open borders, progressive refugee policies and the support of development organizations and host communities, many refugees still have limited access to services such as education and health care, hindering their ability to develop the skills needed for self-reliance or to contribute to the betterment of their host communities and home countries. What will it take to expand access to education, health care and skills development among refugee communities?


Global Music Icon and Refugee

Director, Development Economics and Chief Economist. Co-author of the WDR2019

Manager, Fragility, Conflict & Violence, World Bank

Founder, Teaching Artist Institute, Event Moderator

Lead Economist & Award Winning Photographer

UNHCR Regional Representative of the UN Refugee Agency for the United States of America and the Caribbean