Hanifa Alizada

Photographer, Afghanistan

Hanifa Alizada was born in Ghazni, Afghanistan, in 1989. When she was 8 years old, her family migrated to Tehran, Iran, as a result of civil wars and deteriorating conditions in her country at the time. Alizada studied at a Tehran school for Afghan refugees. Because schooling beyond grade 7 was not available to Afghan refugees in Iran, Alizada’s parents returned to Afghanistan and settled in Kabul in 2002, in search of further educational opportunities for their children. Back in Kabul, Alizada completed her high school education. For her achievements, she was awarded UNESCO’s Madanjeet Singh Institute for South Asian Arts scholarship, which allowed her to go to Pakistan to study at the Beaconhouse National University. This liberal arts school, established in 2003, is known for incorporating the best in both contemporary and traditional Asian art education in its curriculum. During her student years, Alizada tried her hand at fine arts, product design and other disciplines, finally discovering that her true calling is photography.
After graduating from Beaconhouse University, Alizada returned to Kabul where she is lecturing at the Fine Arts Department of Kabul University, works as photographer at 3rd Eye Photojournalism Center and teaches photography workshops. Alizada was selected from among the 25 winning South Asian artists to participate in World Bank’s Imagining Our Future Together exhibition, showing her work in Bangladesh, India and the USA. She is a winner of the Redirecting: East artist residency in Warsaw, Poland, for the fall of 2013.