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Overcoming Fragility: Why Jobs are Key

Jobs are critical to building stability in fragile states, and the private sector plays a key role in providing opportunities. However, fragility poses many challenges to private sector job creation. The high level panel will examine these challenges, and what the priorities should be when creating new initiatives in advancing jobs in fragile and conflict-affected settings. Some of the issues they will discuss include: Can a focus on jobs outcomes help shape better macro-fiscal policy decisions for shared growth? What are the ways to seize opportunities for both the displaced and host communities in countries affected by the refugee crisis? Can countries foster domestic investment in limited regions or sectors, even as longer-term capacity building proceeds?


Minister of Economy and Planning, Republic of Chad

CEO, Pakistan Agricultural Coalition

Former Minister of Finance, Timor-Leste Special Envoy, g7+

Director General, International Cooperation and Development European Commission

Minister of Budget, Cote d’Ivoire

Professor of Economics and Public Policy, Oxford University

Interim Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer and Vice-President, Operations, World Bank Group

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