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Channing Arndt

Channing Arndt

Director de la División de Tecnología de Producción y Medio Ambiente del Instituto Internacional de Investigaciones sobre Políticas Alimentarias (IFPRI)

Channing Arndt has more than 25 years of experience in development economics with seven years combined resident experience in Morocco and Mozambique. He has published more than 70 articles in leading academic journals. His recent books include Growth and Poverty in sub-Saharan Africa; Measuring Poverty and Wellbeing in Developing Countries; and The Political Economy of Clean Energy Transitions.

He has substantial research management experience including leadership of interdisciplinary teams and has taken leadership roles in major policy documents such as the design of a carbon tax for the National Treasury of South Africa, the Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change for the World Bank, and the Second, Third and Fourth National Poverty Assessments for the Government of Mozambique. He has an established reputation for effectively building institutional capacity in Mozambique, South Africa, Morocco, Vietnam and within the framework of the African Economic Research Consortium.

His program of research has focused on agricultural development, poverty alleviation and growth, market integration, gender and discrimination, the implications of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, technological change, trade policy, aid effectiveness, infrastructure investment, energy, bioenergy, climate variability, and the implications of climate change.