Anita Peña Saavedra

Anita Peña Saavedra

Jefa del Departamento de Relaciones Internacionales, Ministerio de la Mujer y la Equidad de Género, Chile

Fecha de intervención:

Especialidad: Género

Head of the international affairs department of the Ministry of Women and Gender Equity of the Chilean Government, with 15 years of experience in design, monitoring and implementation of public policy with a gender perspective. Anita is a Public Administrator with a double master’s degree in Gender Studies from University of Chile and Social Policy from the London School of Economics (LSE). She is a PhD. candidate, currently leading research about the interconnection of gender within the global commodity chain of the agricultural system. Anita is both a feminist scholar and an activist, aspects that she brings together in her work, for example through her recent book that touches upon feminist organizations that address gender-based violence. Also, she produced a documentary film about women's solidarity practices to face the Covid-19 pandemic in Chile.

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