Christabel  Ngwashi

Christabel Ngwashi


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Dr Ngwashi Christabel is a 27-year- old Cameroonian early-career medical doctor with experience providing healthcare especially in conflict-affected areas. She is an award-winning writer with focus on issues which directly influence social determinants of health and uses health communication to promote health literacy through the MoreThanJustAnMD Initiative.

She is a member of the World Health Organization’s Global Health Workforce Network-Youth Hub which addresses challenges that students and early career professionals face entering the Health and Social Sector labor market.

As the country winner for World Bank’s Blog4Dev 2019 competition and member of the Youth Transforming Africa network, she has participated in panel discussions which paved the way for investments in African health systems.

Dr. Ngwashi is an aspiring female global health leader who wants to partake in decisions which improve primary health care delivery especially in preventive, community and patient-focused healthcare.

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