Irene Charalambides

Irene Charalambides

Vicepresidenta, Asamblea Parlamentaria, Organización para la Seguridad y la Cooperación en Europa (OSCE); representante especial para la lucha contra la corrupción, Asamblea Parlamentaria, OSCE

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Especialidad: Buen gobierno

Irene Charalambides is the Head of the Cyprus delegation to the Organizations for Security and Cooperation in Europe Parliamentary Assembly. She was elected Vice-President of the Assembly at the OSCE PA Remote Session in July 2021 and was re-elected at the 2022 Annual Session in Birmingham. She was first elected in 2011 as a Member of Parliament. In 2016 she was the first woman to be elected with the highest number of preferential votes among all Cypriot MPs.  She has served as a Member of the Standing Committee on Institutions, Merits and the Commissioner for Administration (Ombudsman) and the Committee on Development Plans and Public Expenditure Control, where she currently serves as a Deputy Chairperson. Irene Charalambides was appointed the OSCE PA’s Special Representative on Fighting Corruption in July 2019.

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