Win Win Tint

Win Win Tint

Fundadora de Pahtama Group

Fecha de intervención:

Win Win Tint took over the family supermarket when she was just 21 and she has since built the single-store operation into one of Myanmar’s leading retail chains. She also founded the Pahtama Group, one of the country’s fastest-growing distributors of consumer products, and currently serves as president of the Myanmar Retailers’ Association.

Win Win Tint, who was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2013, established the Love and Hope Foundation as a vehicle for corporate social responsibility and says she wants to see her companies giving back to the community in various ways. The foundation’s main areas of focus are education, health, the environment, and community living. Her companies also promote corporate social responsibility outside of the foundation, including through blood-donation drives, art exhibitions, and programs to encourage support for athletes.

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